Bypassed this completely when it came out.


E.T.'s home phone. great design.


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Rapping multiracial Media States of mind: Revolution with a quantum twist

"Occasionally, someone will send an e-mail asking about a hardcopy edition of this book. If you ever wondered what kind of books publishers judge to be unfit to print, this is one. I doubt that this book will be published in hardcopy in my lifetime. I suspect that chapter 1, on Gordon Press, has not made a favorable impression on the publishing industry. No doubt, publishers would be interested in the chapters on theoretical physics, if they were “cleaned-up”; but I will neither dismember nor censor this book. We can be sure that many writers though-out history have created very worthwhile works that have never seen the light of day, but the Internet has changed that. Enjoy the music while the music lasts. The day is coming when some of us must face the music."


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