The Insignificance of Man

Read Schopenhauer

Brixton Tiles

... are the best i've seen yet. 


Today I wish these were my friends..

That Hot chick track by Pheo has been on repeat for a while now...
~England seems very slow today.

Also, listening to all this reminds me of THIS dance craze, remember?

Gazelle Boy

In 1960, Basque anthropologist Jean-Claude Auger received a tip from nomads in the Sahara that a child was running free in the desert. He went to investigate, and idetified a boy galloping with the gazelles. Auger watched as the kid sniffed and licked to communicate with his gazelle friends and ate roots, lizards, and worms just like the rest of the herd.

Auger returned two years later with a Spanish army captain to capture the child. But when they tried to chase him down, he outran their Jeep. In 1966, Auger made one last attempt to catch the child with a helicopter and a net, but even an aerial attack was no match for Gazelle Boy.

I'm quite glad that's not on youtube.

The Log Lady

Apparently my twin peaks equivalent.



I was watching films of the hydrogen bomb on youtube and found this one...

...which made me think not enough people use soviet music as soundtracks on youtube...

....and then i found this website where you can download individual tracks for free, from before and after the revolution. I have a feeling this is the beginning of something good..

"The music submitted on this site - is an evident sample of a totally new culture, which completely differs from all that, with what Hollywood and MTV supply us so much. This culture, being free from the cult of money , platitude, violence and sex, was urged to not indulge low bents of a human soul but to help the person to become culturally enriched and to grow above himself."